• CALSA Summer Institute reaches 400 attendees!

    ACSA partners with many organizations throughout the state, including CALSA (California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators). We took a camera to Carlsbad this summer to see what they were up to. Check it out! The educational landscape of California continues to transform into one where the skills development for children of color demands our commitment. The ability of our students to succeed requires that we work towards Redefining Leadership to build the future. CALSA’s 14th Annual Summer Institute (SI) fostered the emergence of what it will take to prepare the present and future leadership that will undertake the implementation of this redefinition task. SI workshop sessions concentrated on promoting leadership and instructional practices which enhance a preparation system that continues to languish in mediocrity. Sessions responded to the question of what will it take to obtain, maintain and succeed in a leadership role so critical to the success of our students. Redefining leadership should be inclusive of the importance that role modeling represents, how to develop the skill of networking with one’s peers, the crucial aspects of community relations development, development of communication methodologies, to name a few.  The Summer Institute provided educators with the opportunity to expand educational delivery of higher level thinking skills and their alignment with Redefining Leadership. It Starts With Us, the time to act is upon us.

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