• Chair Yoga for Busy Administrators

    Claire Fricker-Marquez came to the Equity, Achievement and Diversity for Success retreat in November to help busy administrators escape and relax for 30 minutes. She has been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching for eight. She is also a teacher in the Escondido Union High School District. She credits yoga to staying fit, athletically focused and to prevent sports injuries.Fricker-Marquez says yoga is more than exercise, it is a way to live your life. It teaches you to slow down and listen to you body via the breath. Remember to never compare yourself to yesterdays class or even to a neighbor in the class. Many other benefits to the Yoga lifestyle are: how to eat healthy, how to treat other live beings and most important, how to change yourself. Lastly, when you tap into your Yoga qualities, you desire to help others find their happiness of love, truth and light.

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