• Equity Pre-Conference inspires leaders

    The 2015 Leadership Summit kicked off with leaders gathering to experience a full day of equity inspired learning. The pre-conference included a powerful keynote presentation by renowned professor, teacher, and researcher, Dr. Jeffrey Duncan Andrade as well as a TEN workshop that included research based practices around effective pedagogy through the feedback loop as well as techniques that leaders can use to become culturally responsive to their school communities.

    A glimpse of the work by the Teaching Excellence Network: The research is clear about the teacher as the most important factor in student achievement.  There is a solid body of research on the skills and practices used by effective teachers of poor and working class youth of color. To make better use of this research, we have designed the Teaching Excellence Network (TEN). TEN draws from the best resources available to support school communities to improve the experiences of young people in classrooms. The goal of TEN is to connect districts, schools, and teachers committed to improving teacher practice, while providing a clearinghouse of excellence that teachers, families, and school leaders can access at any time to improve classroom teaching.

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