• Finding Time to Recharge and Tune In to Equity

    This all-day Equity, Achievement and Diversity for Success retreat was designed to leave EADS committee members inspired, rejuvenated and motivated to tackle the systematic practices that perpetuate inequity and injustice in school systems and classrooms. Participants will:

      • Practice Self Renewal: When fighting injustice it is easy to lose sight of the things that need to be done to take care of oneself. Leaders can become exhausted and take unhealthy shortcuts to combat the daily effects of race-related stress. Taking time to practice empowering self-care techniques, ie., walking, swimming and yoga will leave participants rejuvenated and better equipped to assist in fighting the physiological effects of racism and discrimination.
      • Play Together: Working with allies who are actively engaged in efforts to counter the discriminatory practices associated with power, privilege and oppression is an important part of building community support for change in our schools and districts. Team building, collaboration and networking techniques will be practiced through the integration of enjoyable, fun activities and outdoor games that appreciate the diversity of people’s interests and abilities. Attendees will take time to explore leadership concepts, ie., risk taking, trust building and effective communication with other colleagues. Participants will discover the importance of our interconnectedness and interdependence.
      • Plan Next Steps: Delivering on the promise of ACSA’s new strategic plan requires understanding and planning. Facilitators and experts in the fields of race, equity and policy advocacy will aid the EADS Committee in preparing its priority agenda for 2014-15. A host of inspirational speakers, experts and facilitators in the fields of racism, equity in classrooms, policy advocacy and seeking work/life balance for better results will help give the committee align it 2014-15 work. Participants will also provide an evaluation/feedback of the diversity retreat for further development.

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