• Legislative Action Day, Role of State VPLA

    ACSA's annual Legislative Action Day ensures the voices of school administrators are heard as legislators and policy makers enact laws that affect public schools in California. The event, which attracts more than 400 practicing ACSA members each year, provides a unique opportunity for school leaders to tell their personal stories of how legislation, policy and the budget affect their districts, schools and students. By meeting face-to-face with their constituency, legislators gain a better understanding of the real-life implications of their work. This grass-roots effort is essential to ensuring educational policy meets the needs of California students, and all ACSA members are encouraged to participate. The annual event is organized by region vice presidents for legislative action, led by state Vice President for Legislative Action Lisa Gonzales, superintendent of Portola Valley School District. Soon a new State VPLA will be named. Watch this video to learn more about Legislative Action Day and the leadership roll of VPLA.

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