• Monte Selby explains the power of storytelling in education

    Dr. Monte Selby is an educator, author, and speaker whose practical and inspiring presentation leaves audiences applauding across North America and Europe. Selby is a songwriter with more than 100 published songs for adults and kids. As a recording artist with MDM Records, Nashville, his CDs include legendary and Grammy-winning musicians, songwriters and producers. He loves helping all ages of learners, has a Doctorate Degree in education, and is the co-author of eight books. His comical and inspiring performances leave audiences laughing, singing, and applauding across North America and Europe. Known as “education's songwriter,” Monte’s comical and insightful music—featured on network television, radio, podcasts, and websites, and in books, stage productions and videos—is cultivated from an award-winning career as a teacher, principal and professor. Selby's Mission Statement: To fully engage participants in a highly motivating, deeply inspirational, yet practical learning experience for the purpose of increasing personal and professional effectiveness and enjoyment. Make every presentation unique.  Focus on their needs.  Have fun.  Seek feedback.  Provide more than expected.  Model the ideal.  Practice optimism, courage, and charity. For more visit, www.monteselby.com.

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