• Negotiators’ Planning Retreat 2015 - “Negotiating for Our Kids’ Future

    This year’s Negotiators’ Planning Retreat was held in Palm Springs June 24-26. Speakers included Wendy Nutt, senior vice president of human resources for MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas, Nevada, Marcellus McRae, a lead attorney in the Vergara vs. State of California case and many others. Attorneys from ACSA’s Legal Collaborative presented “Negotiators 101-401.” The half-day workshop is designed for members of your team at all negotiating levels. Members learn the nuts and bolts of negotiating or refreshing tactics and techniques that will help you come to the table prepared. The retreat also allowed time for teams to plan and discuss strategies that were learned. Access to experts in essential areas will included auditors; communications and outreach advisors; attorneys with labor, bargaining and governance expertise; and a state budget overview. In addition to these concepts, the retreat included topics that help build coherence between negotiating and Local Control and Accountability Plans, as well as other factors that affect negotiations. Among the most beneficial aspects of the conference are panels of experts who share their knowledge and free legal advice. ACSA law firm partners include Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost; Dannis Woliver Kelley; Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo; Lozano Smith; Kronick, Moskovitz, Tidemann & Girard; and Burke Williams Sorenson. It is ACSA's intention that during the Negotiators’ Planning Retreat, each team leaves with a communications strategy and negotiations plan, ready to be implemented with the beginning of the new school year. Join us next year to engage in learning activities that include breakout sessions about communications with unions, parents, community; building relationships; and educator effectiveness!

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