• Principal's Institute - Summer 2015

    CHECK OUT A RECAP OF THIS YEAR'S SUMMER PROGRAM BY PRESSING PLAY! It is clear that the role of a principal today, more than ever, requires leadership. An effective school principal has a clear vision, the courage to take risks, the personal integrity to assume individual responsibility and, perhaps more than anything, a passion for making a difference for children. The goal of Creating Cultures and Practices of Collaboration is to ignite lively and productive conversations among principals about your own leadership in schools. An outstanding faculty of educational experts and school practitioners has been assembled. Moreover, participants will represent diverse educational settings from throughout California — practitioners have much to share and much to gain. This heterogeneity will deepen exchange and learning around the leadership challenges confronting today’s school leaders. We have a host of wonderful presenters, but it is the work done in small teams led by experienced, successful Team Leaders that separates this experience from other professional development. Every day, and sometimes twice a day participants meet with their teams to process the presentations, share insights, experiences and resources, fears and challenges. This is time to ask questions and to give and to accept nonjudgmental support from peers who are facing similar challenges. This program is specifically designed for those Principals that have at least 2 years experience as a site principal. Now that you've learned what you should be doing day-to-day, we strive to give you the tools to truly be able to make the changes to move your students and staff to the next level. If you've been a site leader for 10+ years, this Institute can help re-start your thinking and give you the inspiration to take your leadership to a new level.  If you're looking to be inspired, connected, re-energized and engaged, the Principals' Summer Institute is where you need to be, June 21-27, in the beautiful, newly remodeled conference facilities at UCLA.

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