Equity Leaders Certification Program- Course 1 Cultural Awareness

Engage in an exploration of diversity issues that districts face today. Identify where and why districts fall short in adequately attending to these issues, and present strategies to overcome the barriers that inhibit or stop dialogue and necessary actions. Self-assess your personal history and beliefs to help you understand and effectively resolve your triggers.

Course Information

  • Session 1 - Welcome and Introduction to Awareness
  • Session 2 -Code of Conduct
  • Session 3 -Introductions
  • Session 4 -Creating Common Language: Cultural Proficiency Components
  • Session 5 -Creating Common Language: Educational Gaps
  • Session 6 -Creating Common Language: Critical Race Theory
  • Session 7 -Creating Common Language: Student/ Sped. Ed Dicsipine
  • Session 8 -Self Assessment: Implicit Bias Test
  • Session 9 -Self Assessment: Racial Identity
  • Session 10 -Reflection
  • Session 10 -Self Assessment: The