• SNAPSHOT: New & Aspiring Principals 2015

    The Colloquium celebrates its 22nd summer at UCLA in 2015 as ACSA’s largest residential program for school leaders. The Summer Institute for New & Aspiring Principals focused on development of The 21st Century Site Leader. How are schools going to move from the fixed content and skills focus of the nineties to the rigorous, complex and creative focus of the 21st Century? There is only one answer: YOU. The Summer Institute for New & Aspiring Principals is designed to provide you with a few of the essentials for your journey. We had a host of wonderful presenters, but it is the work done in small teams led by experienced, successful Team Leaders that separates this experience from other professional development. Every day, and sometimes twice a day participants met with their teams to process the presentations, share insights, experiences and resources, fears and challenges. This is the time to ask questions and to give and to accept nonjudgmental support from peers who are facing similar challenges. Aspiring meet with aspiring; principals team with other new principals. Teacher leader? District or County Office Coordinator? Professional Developer? Assistant Principal? Think you want to be a principal? Wonder if you want to be a principal? Are you a K-12 Principal in your first or second year? The Summer Institute for New and Aspiring Principals at UCLA is where you need to be next year!

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