• Students address CA State Board of Education, LCAP a topic

    The California Association of Student Councils, provides leadership training for students, advisors, and organizations through peer training and teaching. CASC enhances the quality of education and life through programs that build citizenship and encourage self-esteem. CASC serves as an advocate for youth, provides a channel for student views, and empowers youth to take action. For more than 40 years, student representatives across California have met annually to find ways to improve California schools. Through the Student Advisory Board on Education (SABE) held each November, students present their recommendations to the State Board of Education and work with the Board members to implement their ideas across California. At SABE, students are divided into small groups where they identify and discuss specific problems in the state’s education system. For four days students work long hours, expanding on these issues and brainstorming solutions. On the last day, each group incorporates the solutions they have developed into a proposal, and presents it to the California Senate Education Committee. This is the only conference in the nation that allows students to directly voice their concerns to the State Board of Education, and the results have made a big impact in California schools. For more information, visit the CASC website.

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